Throughout the world and particularly in the areas at greatest risk, we protect against the various types of industrial sites from sabotage, vandalism and attacks; we assure the safety of people in classified areas with high danger of explosion; we control the industrial process areas. Our solutions have been chosen for their reliability even in particularly difficult environments and in extreme environmental conditions.

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Invisible protection

invisibili Invisible perimeter protection systems are installed below ground level and therefore they can not be sabotaged, as they cannot be seen, nor be tampered with.
They ensure protection without changing the aesthetic appearance of the site.

Fence mounted protection

associatearecinzioni The perimeter protection system associated with fences require a supporting structure; they detect the stress developed in the sipporting structure caused by an attempted intruision.


Free-standing protection

autoportante This type of system does not require the installation of any specific structures, it can be integrated into existing structures or may form a self-standing protective structure.