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All over the world and in particular in areas of greater risk, we protect against sabotage, vandalism and various other forms of attack on industrial sites; we ensure the safety of people in areas of with a high risk of explosion; we monitor industrial process areas.
Our solutions are selected for their reliability particularly in difficult areas and extreme environmental conditions.

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Military and government sites

Particularly sensitive sites to which specific problems apply, such as extreme climatic conditions and operating conditions with particularly high risk to personnel safety.All of which requires a very careful risk analysis and a sophisticated design to ensure the correct choice of technology to ensure an effective and reliable system.
Constant changes in personnel with different language, culture and habits, even if well trained, make it important that the management system is simple and intuitive, able to be used immediately to its maximum potential.

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Fibre optics to identify the presence of individuals in potentially dangerous positions during a particular event, such as the arrival or passage of a train at a station.
We integrate the different technologies in a single system making a common display and man/machine interface, creating a specific access profile that will allow compartmentalisation of the system by areas of competence, guaranteeing the correct information is presented to the appropriate operator, trained to take the appropriate actions for that event.

Transportation & Logistics
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We guarantee an unequivocal answer to the security requirements of commercial Retail centres, ensuring video monitoring, intrusion detection and access control.
We use intelligent image analysis to support the operators, highlighting only real risk situations that they should be concentrating on.
We propose different access control systems which use badge readers as well as PIN and biometric recognition, ensuring the highest level of security.

Commercial sites
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Wide and long experience in this sector has lead to the creation of the “Secure Villa” proposal, which comprises the most advanced security system for the protection of Villas, castles and those who live in them.
Our technicians, together with the installers and integrators, study the specific requirements of the client and design a made-to-measure security system .


Products for external perimeter protection and systems for the configuration and display which allow the design of customised applications.

Invisible protection

invisibili Invisible perimeter protection systems are installed below ground level and therefore they can not be sabotaged, as they cannot be seen, nor be tampered with.
They ensure protection without changing the aesthetic appearance of the site.

Fence mounted protection

associatearecinzioni The perimeter protection system associated with fences require a supporting structure; they detect the stress developed in the sipporting structure caused by an attempted intruision.


Free-standing protection

autoportante This type of system does not require the installation of any specific structures, it can be integrated into existing structures or may form a self-standing protective structure.