Razor-sharp detection by GPS Standard – article by Fobs Magazine

GPS Standard, an Italian manufacturer of detection systems from the town of Arnad, recently renewed their Radar Blade. This radar detector features so-called cross technology. This is a technology that detects all kinds of crossing of the detection area.

The Radar Blade is equipped with volumetric microwave sensors that create an invisible beam of four metres wide and eighty or one hundred and twenty metres long. Within this beam every movement with a speed of 0.02 to 18 metres per second is noticed. “Because the system ascertains whether someone enters the field from the left or from the right, it is immediately clear if it is a break-in or a break-out,” says Alex Bizzotto, international account manager at GPS Standard. “The location where someone enters the beam, the so-called pinpoint, is registered with an accuracy of one metre in the process.

Within the detection field a maximum of ten zones can be created,” says Bizzotto. “Each zone can be set separately, so the alarm will or will not go off within certain times. For incoming or outgoing traffic for instance. This prevents a lot of false alarms.

It is immediately clear if it is a break-in or a break-out

Garden lighting
The transmitter and the receiver of the Radar Blade are located in the same unit, that is provided with modern design. Apart from that, this systems also serves as garden lighting, making it blend into the surroundings completely. The radar is available as a stand alone and as a multiplex version and can be integrated into every CCTV system. That makes this detector suitable for both industrial and residential purposes.

Giorgio Rodighiero, Alex Bizzotto & Luca Capula

GPS Standard started developing this product five years ago. “At that time it was simply called Radar,” says Bizzotto. “This earlier version was introduced about three years ago. Because customers asked for certain functionalities, among which was the pinpoint, we developed the product further. We introduced the Radar Blade, which resulted from this, at the Sicurezza exhibition in Italy. We have had a lot of positive feedback and requests from the market ever since.

We were involved in the development of the Radar Blade,” says Hub Maas, director at GPS Perimeter Systems. This Dutch supplier of perimeter protection systems from Geldermalsen has been a distributor for GPS Standard in the Benelux and Germany for 25 years now. “Including this product in our product range therefore was self-evident. We especially see a lot of opportunities for this revolutionary product for nuclear facilities, government agencies, military bases, airports and other projects where a high degree of security is required.”

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