Research and innovation: the Standard GPS belief (

GPS Standard is an Italian company working for over forty years  in the market of professional security systems. Internationally recognized for its many patents in perimeter protection systems and high investment in research and development, GPS Standard has contributed not only to the development of innovative solutions for the protection of industrial and residential buildings, but also to create the security market in Italy and worldwide.

We meet the company founder and President, Pietro Capula, who in 1974, when he was a young engineering graduated, has founded GPS Standard, a start-up before its time. Today, the company has grown up to over 16 million turnover, of which more than 10{70e8a9b36feb2e2813015f53da132d522106a9b8ee730fd41874213a0084b8a5} is invested in R&D, and is present with its products nearly all over the world.

Mr. Capula, it would be interesting to take stock of the road travelled to date.

Actually, I do not love talking about the past: there is always a melancholy aftertaste when you take stock of the past. By nature, I have always been accustomed to look forward rather than back, so let’s talk about the future: I leave the memories to those who have nothing more to say, we have just begun.

Then, let’s talk about the future, but let me give a quick glance to the recent past. In October 2014, just before Fiera Sicurezza, you have announced a partnership with JVC for the distribution of their security cameras throughout the national territory. How did this relationship start?

After closing a cycle with Samsung, we were looking for a powerful and high-performance product to work alongside other CCTV lines already in our price list, in order to extend the offer for the many GPS Standard customers. For this reason, we were looking for a brand like JVC, to share with us, above all, the future vision of the video surveillance market.

It has been love at first sight?

The topics that JVC has put on the plate have been extremely convincing. In addition to the line of Super LoLux HD2 cameras, which guarantee a perfect night vision with only starlight, without the use of LED, or PTZ IP cameras with Direct Drive technology, they have convinced us with all the news that they are going to present this year. With JVC, we could acquire, in video surveillance, an important share in the medium-high market segment. The announcement made before Fiera Sicurezza has been strategic, because it has allowed us to introduce our companies together to the most important industry trade fair in Italy.

How do you promote GPS Standard in the rest of the world?

Italy is our homeland, but the world is our market. In 2015, after Fiera Sicurezza, we have exhibited in Intersec Dubai: this is our eighth year, the fifth since we have our own exhibition booth. Intersec is a very important showcase, an event that we have seen growing year after year, and that for us has a strong strategic value, because it has allowed us to open a solid sales channel into emerging markets, such as the Middle East and Northern Africa, right in the Mediterranean countries. This year we have acquired many contracts and we are closing many others; this will ensure us extremely interesting volumes and margins. We are also thinking of returning to Security Essen in September.

At Intersec Dubai, have you presented the entire range of your products?

It would be complicated to expose the entire range of our products: GPS Standard has a very rich, and continually expanding, range of products. However, we have presented some solutions specifically developed for that market, such as Miles, a fibre optic protection system for pipeline, also capable of protecting fences in high-risk areas. One of the peculiarities of Miles is that it can protect up to 40 km between a station and the other with only one sensor, and can detect the crossing point or the sabotage attempt, with a margin of error of less than 0.1{70e8a9b36feb2e2813015f53da132d522106a9b8ee730fd41874213a0084b8a5}. While one of the most interesting innovations brought to Dubai is the new radar, Blade, the only microwave with narrow beam and detection of the crossing point; it is very accurate and can ensure a maximum tolerance of 1 meter in all weather conditions. The beam of our radar has a maximum width of 4 meters and generates two warning broad bands, one meter to the left and to the right of the midline.

Dubai, Essen … how important is the foreign market for GPS Standard?

The commercial structure of GPS Standard is based mainly on two macrocategories of customers: the security product distributors and system integrators. The former are mainly concentrated on the Italian market and we reach them through our extensive sales network. To follow the System integrators, instead, in 2012 we have founded GPS Standard Engineering, a structure dedicated to the foreign market for the management of large contracts. Today, the foreign markets account for about 30{70e8a9b36feb2e2813015f53da132d522106a9b8ee730fd41874213a0084b8a5}, but the medium-term objective is to bring this percentage to 50{70e8a9b36feb2e2813015f53da132d522106a9b8ee730fd41874213a0084b8a5}.

What stands up here is the identikit of a dynamic and constantly changing company. Which are the next objectives?

GPS Standard is constantly changing, because the market – and above all, the customers – ask for this. Our company was born in 1974 for a patent, the GPS (Ground Perimeter System) and since then it has never stopped; we made research and development our belief, this is the reason why we invest over 10{70e8a9b36feb2e2813015f53da132d522106a9b8ee730fd41874213a0084b8a5} of our turnover in R&D.

Right now, we want to consolidate our share in Italy and simultaneously open ourselves more and more to the foreign market. We have important projects we believe in, and that are evolving, such as MAZE; this year we have added new models with 16 and 64 inputs, which will complement and expand the range of our anti-intrusion systems.

The most significant news in 2015, however, has been the new GCU services for our customers. Our operation centre will be responsible for their security with a constant remote monitoring, 24/24 h, to prevent any technical equipment failures, calling for the intervention of the security services in case of alarm signals, or the authorities responsible for gas leaks or flooding, so as to minimize any domestic accidents.

The security market is evolving, and we shall offer our customers not only a reliable and powerful product, but also services that go in the direction of offering users a peaceful and happy life, with the perception of strong security: these are some of our new challenges, and many others are still to come.