SCS integrates the management of various types of devices:

SCS, Supervision and Control Software, integrates the management of various different types of device: intruder control units, fire alarm control units, access control systems, video recording systems, building monitoring systems.
The management and control of the system is realized by navigating graphical maps. Icons are positioned on the map, which provide in real time, using appropriate shapes and colours, the status of the element or group of represented elements.

antincendio Fire Alarms

videoregistrazione Video image recording

antintrusione Intruder Alarms

videosorveglianza Video Surveillance

controllo-accessi Access Control

impiantitecnologici Building Management


icon4 Automatic display of a specific camera image based on a particular event, also with cyclic programming.

icon13Search/display events from the historical archive with multiple search filters.

icon14 Recording of all user operations. Alarm acquisition, reset, etc…

icon12 Access to the client positions controlled by specific access profiles for each user.

icon9 Control of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris of the cameras.

icon1 Real time representation of the alarms provided by the individual monitored systems.

icon2 Possibility to set automatic responses following detection of specific events, workflow customisable.

icon8 Control of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris of the cameras.

icon3 Customised icons to represent status and status combinations of individual devices.

icon5 Management of many alarms simultaneously with recall of correct map for better identification of the detected event.

icon7 Fast switching from multi-screen to single image full screen display with a double click on the appropriate image/camera.

icon6 Display of the camera on the workstation monitor or on a monitor dedicated to image display, in different formats 1/4/6/8/9/16/25/36.

icon11 Configuration of the operating parameters of all the devices that make up the system e.g. recording format, frame rate, type of camera, disc allocation of a single device, etc…

icon10 Search recorded images, selecting the appropriate device. Digital video recorder (DVR), integrated
disc of the MPEG4CODEC, system discs (Videostore) of the monitoring centre, disc at the operator position.